Why Is TunnelBear Not Working?

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Does tunnel bear keep logs?

TunnelBear does not keep logs. This means we do not collect any information regarding what you ‘bear’owse while connected to our secure and private VPN.

Are there any good free VPNS?

Every free VPN has some kind of catch, but ProtonVPN offers the fewest. A free account with ProtonVPN will limit you to just three VPN server locations, and one simultaneous connection. The ProtonVPN lists the speed of the free version as “slow,” but you’re not being throttled.

How many devices can I use TunnelBear on?

five devicesHow many devices can I use on one TunnelBear account? You can secure up to five devices with one TunnelBear subscription. To install the TunnelBear app on another device, visit tunnelbear.com/download from it directly and log in with your existing account credentials.

How do I get TunnelBear to work?

How do I install a VPN?Download the app. TunnelBear apps are available for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.Create an account. Use your email and create a password.Connect. Tap the button to connect to the VPN.

Is TunnelBear safe?

Tunnelbear takes the cake when it comes to safe browsing without giving up internet speed. Tunnelbear VPN is incredibly fast and super secure. It is the most popular VPN for Kodi due to the high HD streaming performance and support on all devices. It offers 24/7 live support and servers in almost any country.

How do I disconnect from VPN?

Disconnect or forget a VPNOpen your phone’s Settings app.Tap Network & internet Advanced. VPN.Next to the VPN you want to disconnect, tap Settings .Turn off that VPN.

Who owns TunnelBear?

TunnelBear. TunnelBear (also known as the TunnelBear VPN) is a public virtual private network (VPN) service based in Toronto, Canada. The company was founded by Daniel Kaldor and Ryan Dochuk in 2011. In March 2018, TunnelBear was acquired by McAfee.

Do I need a VPN for Amazon Fire Stick?

Everyone should consider using a virtual private network (VPN) to keep their private data out of the reach of ISPs. … Individuals who plan to stream illegal content with their Fire Sticks may also need a VPN. To be absolutely clear, we do not support or condone using a VPN to cover up illegal activity.

Does TunnelBear give free data?

How much data do free users get? TunnelBear has a great free VPN option that allows unpaid users to use 500MB per month, which is perfect for testing TunnelBear out. The free data will renew monthly on the anniversary of your account creation.

Is TunnelBear VPN free?

Currently, the company offers RememBear clients for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It’s free to use on one device, but if you want the convenience of syncing across all your devices, you’ll have to pay $36 per year (or $60 every two years).

What VPN means?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a private network that encrypts and transmits data while it travels from one place to another on the internet. … VPNs aren’t just for desktops or laptops — you can set up a VPN on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, too.

Why is TunnelBear not connecting?

Solution 2: Perform quick troubleshooting fixes Test a different network by connecting TunnelBear to it and see if it works so you can determine whether the issue is with the router or your network. Uninstall and reinstall TunnelBear, then restart your device and get the latest version of the VPN app.

Why does TunnelBear keep disconnecting?

Usually, TunnelBear slows down your Internet connection and/or disconnects right after you connect to the servers or at random times. … The reason many users get disconnected while using TunnelBear VPN is the way it, and most other VPN services, was designed.

How do I know if TunnelBear is working?

There are a couple of ways to confirm that TunnelBear is working. If you’re using the TunnelBear app on macOS, Windows, iOS or Android, you’ll know TunnelBear is connected and working when the map is green and your Bear is sitting happily in the tunnel you’ve chosen.

What is Ghost Bear?

What is GhostBear? GhostBear makes your encrypted data less detectable to governments, businesses, and ISPs. It does this by making VPN traffic less detectable on your network, making it harder to block. GhostBear is currently available on our Windows, macOS, and Android apps.

Are spirit bears rare?

Fewer than 400 Kermode bears are estimated to exist in the coast area that stretches from Southeast Alaska southwards to the northern tip of Vancouver Island; about 120 inhabit the large Princess and Prince Royal Island.

Does TunnelBear hide your IP address?

TunnelBear works by securing your internet connection through an encrypted tunnel to locations around the world. TunnelBear can be used to protect you and your privacy, hide your real IP address, bypass internet censorship, and experience the internet as people in other countries experience it.

Does TunnelBear change your IP address?

Change your IP address TunnelBear gives you a new IP, so all of your traffic looks like it’s coming from somewhere else.

Is TunnelBear a VPN?

TunnelBear is the world’s easiest to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) for both consumers and teams. … TunnelBear can be used to protect you and your privacy, hide your real IP address, bypass internet censorship, and experience the internet as people in other countries experience it.