What Can I Do Christmas Day?

What should I serve on Christmas Eve?

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of 12 Classic: Honey-Bourbon Glazed Ham.

of 12 Formal: Pancetta-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin.


of 12 Casual: Easy Butter Rolls.

of 12 Classic: Perfect Mashed Potatoes.

of 12 Classic: Green Beans with Garlic.

of 12 Formal: Roasted Garlic Duchess Potatoes.More items….

Why do you not eat meat on Christmas Eve?

Origins and tradition Christmas Eve is a vigil or fasting day, and the abundance of seafood reflects the observance of abstinence from meat until the feast of Christmas Day itself. … As no meat or animal fat could be used on such days, observant Catholics would instead eat fish (typically fried in oil).

What should I bring on Christmas Day?

What to bring to Christmas dinner | Easy-to-transport dishes for the hostChocolate-dipped honeycomb. … Mini viennese mince pies. … Mini pancetta filo pies. … Meat vs veg patchwork pizza. … Christmas chutney. … Sweet miso caramels. … Potted smoked salmon. … Cannellini bean and roast squash salad with basil dressing.More items…•

What time do you eat on Christmas Day?

Dinner time? Confusingly, Christmas dinner is a late lunch, served between 2pm and 3pm. Go into early evening and guests will be too hangry or drunk to appreciate it.

What food can you prepare before Christmas Day?

Here are the Christmas foods you should be prepping right now.Gravy. Christmas dinner just wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without a good gravy. … Stuffing. The beauty of preparing stuffing early, is that you can even freeze it directly in an oven dish and put it straight in the oven on Christmas day. … Roast potatoes. … Sauces.

Most popular Christmas foodsRoast potatoes. Those crispy roast potatoes came in 1st place on the list of most popular foods! … Stuffing. Classic stuffing came in 5th! … Christmas pudding. Traditional Christmas pudding came in 9th on the list, beating Yorkshire pudding. … Roast ham. … Roast chicken. … Nut roast.

What should I bring to Christmas lunch?

Christmas Lunch RecipesPork Crackling. 40 Serves. 5Mins prep. … Roast Pork & Pistachio Stuffing. 8 Serves. 620Mins prep. … Roast Pork Loin. 8 Serves. 10Mins prep. … Roast Pork with Apple & Apricot Stuffing. 8 Serves. … Roast Rolled Pork Loin. 10Mins prep. … Roasted Pork Loin With Apples In Cider. 8 Serves. … Asian-Style Sticky Chicken. 8 Serves. … Baked Ham. 10Mins prep.More items…

What do you do on Christmas Eve?

20 Magical Ways to Spend Christmas Eve in 2019 That You’ve Never TriedMake a hot cocoa bar. … Take your cookie game to the next level. … Hold a Christmas cookie competition. … Sprinkle reindeer dust on the front walkway. … Play snowball capture the flag. … Have a Christmas treasure hunt. … Give out brand-new Christmas pajamas.More items…•