Quick Answer: How Can I Become A NCC Officer?

What is the highest post in army?

Indian Army – Field Marshal The highest rank attainable in the Indian Army is Field Marshal.

Ranked as a Five Star General Officer, a Field Marshal is ranked above a General..

What is the salary of NCC officer?

Officer salary in NCC ranges between ₹ 0.1 Lakhs to ₹ 51 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.9 Lakhs….NCC Salaries.Company NameAvg. SalaryNCC- (22 Salaries)3.86LUltraTech Cement- (168 Salaries)7.53LAFCONS Infrastructure- (9 Salaries)6.62LJMC Projects- (3 Salaries)6.1L4 more rows

What is the highest rank in NCC?

Highest Rank given to any NCC Cadet is Senior Under Officer( SUO). Insignia is Two stripes on shoulder….Ranks in ncc are as follows:Cadet.Lance corporal.Corporal.Sergeant.Under officer(U.O)Senior under officer(S.U.O)…

Is NCC certificate useful for IAS exam?

An NCC ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ certificate is a very important advantage for a candidate in UPSC exams. … For CDS exam conducted by UPSC, there is reservations accorded to NCC ‘C’ certificate holders. There is 32 vacancies reserved in IMA for NCC ‘C’ certificate holders and also NCC special entry scheme in all the three forces.

Can I join NCC in 11th class?

No, you cannot join NCC in 11th grade, because an ‘A’ certificate exam in junior division needs 36 months of training. But you can join NCC senoir division at college level. You can join even after going to college which means you can join in 11th grade too; a good news for you.

Which certificate is best in NCC?

Certificates & ExaminationCertificate – A : It can be taken by JD/JW cadets of the NCC, during class year 8 and 9. … Certificate – B : It can be taken by SD/SW cadets of the NCC, after class year 10 and those studying for a degree. … Certificate – C : Is the highest level certificate for NCC cadets.

How can I join NCC after 9th?

The student who want to join NCC will have to search nearby NCC unit from there they can join in it. They need to apply for admission in either junior or senior wing according to their eligibility. The admission form can be obtained from the commanding officer of the NCC unit.

What are the ranks of NCC?

Cadet RanksArmyAir ForceNavySergeantCadet Sergeant (C/Sgt)Leading CadetCorporalCadet Corporal (C/Cpl)Cadet Class ILance CorporalLeading Flight Cadet (LF/c)Cadet Class IICadetFlight Cadet (F/c)Cadet

What is the age limit to join NCC?

The minimum age limit to join NCC is 13 years and maximum age limit is 26 years. The lower division age group is 13-18.5 years. As you are 15+ years and as enrollment period is for 3 years you can join the lower division by contacting the nearby NCC unit that you can find in your city.

Can I join NCC after 12?

After 12th, you can look for NCC if it is available in your college. Usually it is available in maximum colleges. You might be asked to fill a form before the enrollment and get a medical certificate that declares you fit for joining NCC.

Can I join NCC after 10th?

You can join NCC after class 10 , the college or school in which you get admission should have NCC Unit in which you can join . Otherwise, If your school doesn’t have NCC unit and you are really inspired to join NCC then you can join it by open cadet entry by contacting to your nearest NCC Headquarter.

Is there any exam for NCC?

No! You can join NCC free of cost for getting trained and disciplined. Moreover, if you clear NCC ‘C’ Certificate you will become eligible to directly apply for Armed Forces without any written exams. You just have clear the SSB and the Medical.

Is NCC certificate useful?

Benefits For NCC Certificate Holders in CDS Recruitment NCC ‘C’ Certificate is considered as the most beneficial certificate in the defence sector jobs but the other two certificates also have their own benefits in defence recruitment. The benefits of NCC are not limited up to jobs in the defence sector.

Who is the chief of NCC?

National Cadet Corps (India)National Cadet CorpsMotto(s)एकता और अनुशासन Unity and disciplineWebsitehttps://indiancc.nic.inCommandersDirector GeneralLt Gen Rajeev Chopra, AVSM6 more rows

Can I join NCC without college?

You can join NCC as an open cadet , if your college or institute does not have it . … You can join it as army , navy and as an air force cadet. Google the nearest NCC unit to your place , or search which college have NCC and get the details from their seniors about the NCC unit.

What is the duration of NCC?

3 yearsNCC is of 3 years . 2years for B certificate and last one year for C certificate. There are many adventure camps are organised by NCC. Three types of wings in NCC Army/Airforce/Navy wing.

Can I join NCC in 3rd year?

NCC B certificate is of duration of 2 years. That means you will be doing it in your 3rd year and 4th year. By the time you finish B certificate you would had completed your engineering. Now, you are left with one year of C certificate and a complete free year.

Can I join NCC in college?

Yes. You can join NCC in your first time at college. You will be eligible for ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate. To appear for the exam of these certificates, you need to fulfil some qualifications like a minimum of one national and one local NCC Camp.