Is NCL Free At Sea Worth It?

What are free at sea offer gratuities?

The Free Unlimited Bar includes fountain soda, juice and non-alcoholic beers.


Guest is responsible for 20% gratuities on the retail value of the Ultimate Beverage Package and Specialty Dining Package prior to cruise..

Does NCL give free upgrades?

Also, the cruise lines have gotten wise to passengers desires of upgrading their stateroom for free. … On a recent sailing on the NCL Bliss, Norwegian tried to tempt us with their Upgrade Advantage Program, offering a cabin upgrade from our cheap interior room to a nice balcony stateroom for as little as $75 per person.

Can I bring snacks on Norwegian Cruise?

Yes, you can bring factory sealed foods onboard.. Please don’t bring them off the ships in port unless they’re factory sealed and don’t contain seeds, etc. (agricultural safety reasons). Be reasonable in your amounts – chips, snacks, crackers, desserts, etc are all available onboard..

Can you get a free upgrade on a cruise?

Book Early in the Off Season If you booked your cabin early, you may be upgraded for free closer to the sailing date as the cruise line opts to open up more inexpensive cabins to encourage more sales. Because you were already booked, you’ll be first in line to be upgraded to a more expensive type of cabin at no charge.

What does free at sea mean on Norwegian Cruise Line?

Norwegian’s Free at Sea is a promotion that NCL consistently runs for sailings of three nights or more. Passengers can take advantage of free perks including a free drink package, free specialty dining, and free friends & family on a cruise voyage, based on your choice of stateroom category.

What is included in NCL dining package?

What is Covered in the Norwegian Getaway Dining Package?Margaritaville.La Cucina.Teppanyaki.Moderno.Cagney’s Steakhouse (limited to one entree)Le Bistro (limited to one entree)Ocean Blue (an additional $15 surcharge when redeemed for this restaurant)Raw Bar (an additional $7 surcharge)More items…•

Can I use onboard credit for gratuities on NCL?

Onboard Credit is very valuable! It’s spending money to use during your cruise. It can be used towards the payment of alcoholic beverages, boutique purchases (such as watches, jewelry, perfumes and clothing), spa treatments and more! … Onboard credits may not be able to be used to pay for your gratuities.

Is there a drink limit on Norwegian Cruise?

There is a daily limit of 15 alcoholic drinks per day. There is no daily limit on non-Alcoholic drinks. Package is NOT available for purchase within 3 days of sailing or on voyages 2 nights or less.

Can I remove gratuities on NCL?

NCL, No Removing Tips Onboard. … As we all heard by now Norwegian implemented a new policy, in which you’re not able to remove your gratuities during your cruise. To do so, you will need to place a call or email to guest services after your cruise, and make the claim to get a refund.

Do you have to pay gratuities on NCL?

Unlike most other ships in the cruise industry, there is no required or recommended tipping on our ships for service that is generally rendered to all Guests. … We encourage those Guests to acknowledge good service from these staff members with appropriate gratuities.

How much is the free at Sea package?

Available on cruises starting from $199, guests can save up to $1,400 on beverages, $130 on an internet package, $50 per tour with shore excursion credits, $1,000 with free third and fourth guests on select cruises and up to $160 on free meals at specialty dining venues.

Is the NCL beverage package worth it?

If you get the drink package for free, just know that you will have to pay the gratuity on the package despite the cost being free. In this case, the $99 Premium Beverage Package carries a daily gratuity of $19.80 per person, per day. So on a weeklong cruise your “free” drink package would actually run $138.60.

What drinks are free on NCL cruise?

When it comes to beverages onboard the ship, you will have the option of select drinks like iced tea, some juices, lemonade, filtered water, and drip coffee/tea. While these items are complimentary, soda, bottled water, specialty coffee, and alcoholic beverages will cost you extra money.

What is included in NCL drink package?

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Premium Beverage Package (formerly known as the Ultimate Beverage Package) includes a variety of spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to and including $15 USD and unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, restaurants and Great Stirrup Cay.

How much is a soda on NCL?

A glass of soda costs about $4 with gratuity.

How much does NCL charge for gratuities?

Norwegian’s tip amounts vary depending on both which ship you sail and the type of stateroom you book. Notably, NCL raised their gratuity fees effective April 1, 2019. Sail on most ships and you’ll now pay $15.00 per person, per day for mini-suites or below. That includes interior, oceanview, and balcony cabins.

How much are daily gratuities on NCL?

According to, the daily service charges for passengers in standard cabins and mini-suites will be $14.99 per person, per day, an increase from the previous fee of $14.50. Travelers sailing in The Haven or other suites will see prices jump from $17.50 to $17.99.

Is water free on Norwegian Cruise?

NCL has a strict “no beverage on board” policy, with the exception of two 750ml bottles of wine per cabin and distilled water for babies or for medical purposes.